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  1. Hi all, I see how to share one notebook. However, the way I have my EN setup all of my client notes are organized by tabs. EN made me do this due to the 100 notebook limit. I would like to be able to share everything with my assistance. However, I have some personal notes in a few folders "Travel, Scouts, etc". I would like to keep these, and only these private. Any thoughts? Thanks. Steve J. Premium for about 2 years.
  2. The problem with the search is it only searches for the text inside the note. It does not search the name of the folder. In my case I have all my clients put in Evernote as folders using their last name, first name. When I have a thought or whatever for a client, I go to that folder and just type in the information, not the client's name again. A search by client name on the pre app. gets me zero notes. I will still use the Pre app to jot down things, pictures, etc. but the inability to "see" by folders will make it unsusable for work. I do appreciate you guys having a client this quickly. Good luck with it.
  3. Where are my notebooks on the Pre? I use notebooks a lot. I dont use tags much. I cant figure out how to just display the notes in a single notebook on the Pre client.
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