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  1. It is not quite true that this is impossible on the iPad. 1. Evernote could enable this feature, with a little programming. If you notice, when you view a PDF in Evernote and then "open in" another PDF editor, the title of the document is a strange string of characters. Evernote can give the document a unique name that denotes its location within evernote. So it is possible to open a document in PDF Expert, annotate it, and then "open in" Evernote -- and Evernote could decipher the title of the document and put it back in its original location. I know this is possible because the DevonThink iOS app actually does it. If you store a PDF in DevonThink ToGo, you can open it in a PDF editor, annotate it, and the open it from there into DevonThink, and it will go back into its original location, fully annotate. Now, do I think the Evernote developers will actually make such a feature? I highly, highly, highly, highly doubt it because hundreds of us asked many, many, many, many months ago for a simple snippet or list view in the iPad app and we still don't have it. And that is an order of magnitude easier than this -- which is somewhat complex to design. So, it is possible, but it will never happen unless somehow Evernote decides to put someone in charge of iOS development that actually cares about making the product useful. 2. It is possible even today to do what the OP was asking, using PDF Pen for iPad. PDFPen has direct Evernote integration. You can annotate a PDF and then save the annotated version directly INTO an already EXISTING note. It's a useful and interesting feature, and I assume that they will refine it over time.
  2. Oh my god. I downloaded the latest update. running on surface RT. this thing crashes every time the sync hits around 26%. every time. seriously? what in the world is going on with this client????
  3. To make use of multiple tags on iOS you basically have to save a search on the desktop and then used the "saved searches" feature, which is now a little buried in the iOS app.
  4. Thanks for the links. I suppose I was using hyperbole to make a point. I realize I am being a tad over-dramatic about this. But, in all seriousness, can anyone suggest any possible rationale as to how the current implementation is reasonable? The system is expressly advertised as being useful for storing PDFs -- more than one PDF per note, in fact. Many PDFs are really long. How can anyone think that the way they are being handled makes any sense? That's what drives me crazy. The current system makes no sense. It is really, really easy to fix. (I concede it may not be the easiest fix EVER, but there is no disputing that it is easy.) So why has it been left for so long without being fixed>
  5. Thanks. Anyone from Evernote listen in to this forum? This HAS to be the easiest fix ever, because it is the same exact thing you are doing with every other file known to man -- except for PDFs. Just treat PDFs exactly the same way as you treat everything else. Please?
  6. I have started using Evernote many, many times over the past year or so. Every time, I open the Mac client and find that in every note, all PDFS are displayed as full previews in the note. So if I have a note with three 200-page PDFs attached, as far as I can tell, the only way to get to the second PDF is to scroll past 200 pages in the note. This usually causes me to stop using Evernote. For the love of God, is there any way to get the Mac client to just display an icon for PDF files like it does for all other files? I suppose the full page view could be nice in certain situations, but can't it be turned off? I really hope there is some simple switch and I will feel like an idiot when someone points it out. Because why in the world would there not be. (By the way, I think Evernote is a great concept, and I really, really want to love it. Really.)
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