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  1. This is a huge productivity issue for me. Select and ^C, which doesn't end up selecting, have to repeat to get it (interrupting what should be a smooth, well-practiced operation). I do this MANY times each day. I also find that the cursor jumps around randomly, and even when I specifically click somewhere it often is not enough to "convince" the cursor to stay there when I start typing. Sometimes I find text somewhere else in a note, days later, that was entered in the wrong place in a note due to this. I find myself getting into habits that, if/when this is ever fixed, will slow me down, just because I can't trust the software. I love many things about Evernote, but the the text editor is definitely not one of those things. It's one of the worst ones I've used. In addition to this issue, I find that the formatting (bullets, numbering comes to mind, but all other aspects also) does not work predictably, and gets into "modes" that make it impossible to get the note to show up like I want it. I end up having to recreate a note, from scratch, by using Word or some other external editor to reformat. Evernote needs to completely rewrite this editor from the ground up, with some good UI advice. EVERYTHING in Evernote depends on the text editor working correctly, predictably and easily. It's time to fix this.
  2. I agree with the post here that says that the fundamental logic of the text editor in Evernote needs to be reviewed and there needs to be some serious work done to address the well-known issues (cursor jump, lack of basic formatting reliability etc.). I spend a good portion of my computer time in front of one note or another in Evernote, and I refuse to accept that other things are just too important for there to be any time/effort spent on making the editor better. At some point, if this doesn't improve I will probably notice something else out there that will do the job for me, and have a way better user interface for the part where I'm spending most of my time, and I'll move. I hope that does not happen but if it does, it will have been preventable. Please, Evernote, at least put this on the road map. Rewrite the editor.
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