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  1. Hi, I am using Evernote on several different devices, one of them is my Android Phone. Recently I have installed the new widget.I use the preview function on my inbox. If I tap one of the notes in the preview function it says something like. You have no rights, you are not the owner. (It is actually in Dutch) When I try to acces the Note via the Evernote application or the widget in a different way (e.q. hitting the elephant) there are no issues. What is wrong and how can I fix it. Cheers, Martijn.
  2. Hello, I tried to upgrade my Evernote v4.02 (I think) with the upgrade function within Evernote. It failed with the message (translated from Dutch) An error occurred while using transforms Check if the transform paths are valid. Afterwards, Evernote disappeared from the Start Menu. So I downloaded the standalone installer from the website. The same message showed up, and now I am stuck without the Windows Evernote Client. Any clues? Regards, Martijn.
  3. I have the same problem with my Android. It is pretty annoying, I spend last Sunday getting everything right for my different Evernote clients (windows, iPad, Android) I have the idea that the issue is focused around the upload of images. To help solve the problem, if you can provide an email address, I will send my log. Tap.
  4. I've started using EN yesterday. And I was pretty surprised by the way it works. But today, I was really disappointed that it wasn't possible to take notes, when not connected. I followed this discussion, but I'm not certain what the reason is for this. Why not make a application for WM6 that lets you take notes all the time, and syncs them when you want the way you want. It would be a great help for me....
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