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  1. We use Evernote a lot where I work. One of our common tasks is to send a note to a group of people using a mailing list group in Apple's Mail application. This has worked fine until the latest release. Now, when we type in the group name in the address field, there is no auto-completion with the group name (like there used to be). When we type in the Group name and attempt to send anyway, this results in and "invalid Email address" error. It appears that Evernote is using the services of Apple's Mail application in a different way than it previously did. Was there a change that should have affected the ability to send to an Email group?
  2. I use the "print PDF to Evernote" from the print dialog that pops up on the Mac OSx when printing from just about anything - Word for Mac, Safari ... anywhere that I could normally print something from an application. Like this (note the "Save PDF to Evernote" option on the drop-down): ---------- ----------- I haven't tried much of the drag-n-drop behavior of PDF from the deskstop, but the few times I remember trying that they seemed to be searchable. I don't know that I've ever printed a PDF to the desktop and then dragged it into Evernote...
  3. When I use the PDF drop-down on the print dialog and select "Save PDF to Evernote", it looks like the resulting PDF is indeed added to my Evernote database, but its contents are not searchable (I am a premium member). I looked through the forums for any discussion of this topic, and found none. Am I doing something wrong? I would have expected a searchable PDF since within evernote's own viewer, I can selected individual letters/words/sentences (i.e. they don't simply get rendered as graphics within the PDF document). Help?
  4. Helpful hint: I have found the Evernote ignores the rotation settings in JPG files - if I have my scanner software rotate a landscape-oriented page, it simply modifies the rotation setting bit in the JPEG header, but this apparently isn't used by Evernote. Evernote displays these images in a non-rotated format, while almost every other JPEG tool gets it right. To get around this, use PGN format for your scans.
  5. This is one awesome app! I just signed up for a premium membership and noticed I can view Word files attached to a note from my iPhone, but not Open Office files. Are there any plans to add this any time soon? - wittfam
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