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  1. I seem to have resolved the issue by circumventing the pop up "unsync device" dialog - by going to the account settings page instead and doing it there. It seems that the dialog that pops up for unsyncing devices is buggy. thanks.
  2. Hello - my premium account recently expired, I wont be renewing it. upon login I am prompted to upgrade to premium or unsync additional devices beyond the limit offered by regular. I have already gone through the process of "unsyncing" old devices I never use through this interface (twice) this week. expected: to be able to continue using evernote actual result: given two options: unsync devices (again) -> pressing this forces logout since "you have already unsynced devices twice this month" logout summary: it seems as though there is a bug in evernote that ignores unsynced devices in the context of a recently ended Premium account; this inhibits login. This makes it impossible to use evernote on my desktop. Please help - evernote doesn't provide technical support for non-premium accounts; because of this it feels like my data is being held hostage until I fork over premium subscription
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