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  1. Please add private notebooks to Evernote!!! I have been using Evernote for only a relatively short time, maybe a little over a year, but already I can't imagine life without it. I depend on it to store all my various notes and information... except one. As a family genealogist, I have downloaded the RAW DNA files of several members of my family for use in vital but sensitive analysis, and store it hidden on my laptop. If the files are ever lost and the person whose DNA it was has passed away, it can never be recovered. But as non-so-frequently accessed items, I often cannot remember where I have hidden it! And I seldom have it handy when I need it, since it is on my laptop. Since it is not "text," I can't figure out how to encrypt it on Evernote. I need a private notebook in Evernote to store these important documents. Please, please, please add this function.
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