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  1. To add, once it crashes while syncing, it will crash as soon as the app restarts.
  2. I have tried uninstalling, then reinstalling but it crashes while syncing. Ive been using EN for over 5 years, and I have never had soooo much trouble.
  3. Hi, Evernote keeps crashing when i launch it from the metro screen. If it does open occasionally, it will try to sync and exit abruptly. Help
  4. I just updated today too. I even deleted and reinstalled. My sync hangs at 27%. I cant copy the logs even to send to the support team. HELP!
  5. I was wondering is the a J2ME or Brew version available? Thanks
  6. Damn, forgot about the services work around! Thanks for the tip
  7. Hate to say, but from my results the plugin seems to work better.
  8. It doesnt OCR automatically definitely not before exporting to EVERNOTE. However i got it to work. I just needed to wait a few hours for the photo recognition magic to happen. Also It doesn't do partial word recognition 'heck' versus 'check' or recognize names... Pretty cool though.
  9. No, they are in PNG. This is the way livescribe sends to evernote.
  10. I am using the latest version of Livescribe with Evernote. I have created some notes with Livescribe and that OCRS my writing fine. Ive sync'd them to EVERNOTE. However if i search on some text, none of the words are found. My handwriting isnt that bad. What gives?
  11. Still having issues, not being able to rotate when taken. Sometime the orientation is correct, sometimes its not. Any plans to allow rotate of picture in evernote?
  12. Any updates on the webclipper to speed up on the iphone? Can there be a clipper made to just dump a page to the inbox without all the tagging and loggin in? or open a iphone safari page that doesnt need zooming in?
  13. Just is a script gThat've wrote a bulk rename script, and it is working nice. Great when I clip notes from the same blogs over and over. Removes titles like 'cooking light : recipe of the week".. Yes , I use ENto clip recipes for importing into MacGourmet while away from my computer.great use of EN.
  14. It would be nice, but i dont normally browse in Evernote. Please an iphone bookmarklet?
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