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  1. Yep, looks like the update did it. THX!!!
  2. So, I went to the main page and downloaded the newest EN, and it's 10.6, so my fingers are crossed.
  3. No, 10.5.7. But it says it's the ltest.
  4. I have a Mac running OS 11.1, aand every time I use EN I get a note saying I have the latest update. How can Iturn this constant and annoying thing off. Cheers, Michael
  5. I am a gentleman of a certain age, wear glasses and am blind without them. I find in my 70th year that I need more light for such mundane activities as reading a newspaper. In the EN Notes List and sidebar, the low contrast and small font makes it extremely difficult for me. Isn't there some obligation to make EN compliant to disability standards? At the least, it should be a goal of the engineers. Cheers, Michael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael A. Gilbert, Professor, Department of Philosophy f;ykc
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