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  1. Hi. Every time I restart my computer and run EN, it says I should wait while it migrates my notes from a previous version. It also, fwiw, never successfully does an update to a new version. I always have to do a download and replace the current version with the new one. Boring. I'm running a MAC with 10.11, and EN 6.4. Thanks, Canada Mike
  2. I am a gentleman of a certain age, wear glasses and am blind without them. I find in my 70th year that I need more light for such mundane activities as reading a newspaper. In the EN Notes List and sidebar, the low contrast and small font makes it extremely difficult for me. Isn't there some obligation to make EN compliant to disability standards? At the least, it should be a goal of the engineers. Cheers, Michael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael A. Gilbert, Professor, Department of Philosophy f;ykc
  3. Got it. In order to change the sorting method you have to go into LIST VIEW. Once you return to card view or anything else, it keeps that sortig method. BTW, why can't we custoixe the cions available. I miss delete for one.
  4. I really like the new look, and thre's a lot to praise. But while I've poked around, I can find a way to sort by title, only date which seems the default. Surely that's not the only sort function.
  5. OK, so tht was 10 days ago, and I'm really missing Firefox, any progress?
  6. Will there be a mail out when this is fixed? I prefer Firefox, but I rely on EN so much that ’m using Safari where it works perfectly. Canada Mike
  7. Imight just use Safari until FF is straightened out. Thanks, Michael
  8. I'm using Firefox 15.01, and when I try to clip, EN 3.3 opens, but nothing happens. Works perfecgtly with Safari. I have a mac intel with mountain lion.
  9. Thanks, Blake. First, I'm on a MAC OS X. Secondly, my idea is that you clip a note, and when you select the notebook from the drop down list, it becomes the next NB to be used. In other words, if you set, in preferences, USE LAST NB, then it just comes up tht way next time. There's no extra work because you're ot going into prferences. I hope that's clear. Not really sure. Anyway, I find i tend to work withthe same notebook for a while. An alternative might be a tooldbar swtich MAKE THIS NB DEFAIULT or some such. Cheers, Michael
  10. Hi, Ioften find that when I am using evernote I frequently am adding to the same notebook several times. So, I might be cruising for recipes one evneing, but find quotes for my book another day. Rather than choose just one notebook as default, I would like a choice that let me select the last one used. I.e., DEFAULT NOTEBOOK: laqst used. Cheers, Michael
  11. Interestingly, I just got an iPad, and Evernote on iPad has exactly the sort of alphabet assistant I'd love to see on my desktop. If it's there, why can't it be here?? :shock:
  12. This is still going on, and it's very irritating.
  13. Since the last update all my saving defaults to the web, then syncs to my computer. This means logging in and takes more time. PLEASE, when will this be fixed? It's driving my bonkers.
  14. Just want to say, that I'd still like to see this. When I'm in a notebook, I'd like to be able to, say, press the letter M and go to the first one. Cheers, Michael
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