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  1. Hey Decatur Dave!!! Ur awesome! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I did as you instructed and it worked! You saved my life! I'm your fan forever! Evernote should be paying you! Thanks a bunch! Carol
  2. Oh. 🤪. Sorry. Thought this was an Evernote page. Thank you, Yes, the problem occurs with each note. I discovered 2 days ago that the notes ARE accessible on my laptop (thank the Maker!). But I only use Evernote on my Android Galaxy note 9.
  3. i've attempted to apply all aforementioned remedies, but to no avail. COME ON EVERNOTE!!! What gives? It was after the most recent Android update that I began receiving the "Note currently unavailable" warning. It's frustrating beyond belief.
  4. I'm experiencing the same thing. After my Android update, Evernote reads that the "note is currently unavailable." BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!
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