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  1. First of all, sorry if my problem is hard to understand, english is not my native language. PROBLEM: My boss has recently started to adopt Evernote. Outside of Evernote he has hundreds of folders of clients and each of these folders holds 5 to 20 files approximately. He keeps on using his folders and adding things to them, but I want him to start importing ONLY NEWLY ADDED FILES to evernote. If I use the "sync folder" option(I don´t recall the exact name), it starts to import all of the old files into evernote. This is unneeded and will only make things messy (They are literally thousands of files). What I want and don´t know how to do is to sync those folders where he keeps adding stuff but only add NEW FILES to evernote. Is this somehow possible ? I´d GREATLY appreciate a solution. Thank you.
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