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  1. There is a discrepancy in the work process of moving a note between web/Windows and Android. In Android, the list of notebooks (to which the note can be moved) is listed within stacks. In the windows app and on the web, it's just an alphabetical list of all notebooks. This bump interrupts my seamless use of the two interfaces. It would be better to list notes within stacks (like Android does) in all platforms. Thanks. Malcolm
  2. There are so many things to love about Evernote. But for the visually oriented among us, the lack of control over color and font makes it difficult to organize things visually. Why can't we modify the style (font and color) of note titles? Why can't we give labels individual colors? Could we have control over the colors of the panels? Can each note have its own background color? Can we use system fonts instead of just the minuscule options allowed? When everything looks the same, everything disappears for me. The more I put into Evernote, the less I see because it all looks the same. Can'
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