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  1. Aha!!! I see. I get it now!! I don't have the right click ability you mention but I can drag and drop. I'll keep playing. Many many thanks for taking time to assist me!
  2. I looked at that article and searched the knowledge base as well. I'm not sure this screenshot will help but here is what I was describing when I try to move a notebook so it stacks with another. But if I want to move Fire and Grass so it stacks under Annual Fire, I cannot unless I create the "new stack" as indicated by the screenshot. If I do this, I have 2 notebooks of the same name, 1 stackable, 1 not.
  3. Yes, there are notebooks. I created a notebook, then created another and wanted to stack it. I order to stack it, I had to create another notebook under the same name that was stackable. This means there's 2 notebooks with the same topic in my list -- one stackable, one not. I'm wanting to add the functionality of stackability to an already existing notebook. Videos show this is possible yet I'm not able to.
  4. I'm using Windows 10/Chrome and very new user of EN I'm able to stack notebooks ONLY if I create the notebook to be stackable in the first place and only if I use the "..." on the right hand side. Is there no way to modify an already created notebook to make it stackable? And also, drag and drop has not been working. Thanks for the help.
  5. Oooohhh...poked around some more and there's an Export PDF that converts PDFs to Word or Excel. This might be the right answer. It's $2/mo.
  6. Bummer. PDF Expert is only for Macs. I'm using a PC with Windows 10. There is a conversion app which could be similar (Acrobat Pro DC) at around $15/mo. They offer a 7 day trial. What would be uber helpful to me is to be able to take excerpts from a PDF and put it into notes. Then I would not need to type these out. I think without something like this, I would still be typing notes from books and PDFs into EN. Am I understanding this correctly?
  7. I've watched several of these videos and have questions about the annotation. I'm wondering if when I annotate a section of a PDF, does that put that note somewhere? Or do I still need to type it into the particular notebook? Does it link to the downloaded PDF in another file? Or is annotation most helpful when sharing docs with others? I can't say it enough -- thank you so much for helping me with answers!
  8. Thanks again for the info. I had checked YouTube but was searching for something more specific. Your example was helpful.
  9. Thank you for responding. I appreciate your time. Perhaps I missed it, but I saw nothing that provided this type of overview. I watched a couple of videos but nothing demo'd annotating PDFs or the TOC you mention. Looks like I need to download the trial version and spend a few more hours playing around. If you know of a comprehensive video, please let me know. Again, my thanks.
  10. Hi, I recently was introduced to Evernote for my research projects. I sort thru scientific papers and books and websites. I'm used to underlining these documents then typing them into a Word doc organized by subjects, titles and subtitles. Often I have to cross-reference topics because they intermix. This hasn't been smooth and easy in Word as it means copy and paste. I've been playing with Evernote and not sure I see how it would be different. Maybe the cross referencing would be easier but the rest of it? I'm thinking a user that's more familiar can help me understand if this might be a
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