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  1. The full resolution when clicked, or at least up to a capped maximum so that clients or coworkers don't get a terrible image when actually reviewing the table, but the file size of the note isn't overwhelmingly huge with a few pictures in it. However, it should have the image as a thumbnail when in the table, and allow for the viewer to get an idea of what the image is of when scrolling through (so not a text link), but not retain full resolution taking up a huge span of the page as a thumbnail.
  2. It would be very useful to be able to insert images into a table that turn into a small thumbnail, but can be expanded into a larger image when clicked on and the thumbnail size can be edited by holding the image. Whenever I try to insert an image using the camera feature into a table now, it preserves the original resolution, which causes the row to be overstretched and the image to be cut off by the column width, which can't be edited by simply dragging the edge. This makes the note way longer than it needs to be. We have a crew at my company that would utilize this feature because they often need to enter in a table of information and include an image at the end, but the table is an eyesore to review or send to a client in its current format.
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