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  1. In addition they removed a dark gray recently apparently. This gray which was the gray before and which remains readable on the dark theme.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I understand well, but how do I edit my notes? I change all the colors each time for all the colored words in each text? And in 2 years they still change the color palette? And dark gray is really unreadable on black. I doubt that flashy green will appear the same on all screens. My God, why not allow the color customization? Even on a very small gamut.
  3. Here's what it looks like when editing an existing note. (thinking that the colors are much more different on the iPhone) There are too many different colors, it's unreadable.
  4. ( The colors in the screenshot does not highlight the differences too much as the colors are much more bland here than on my phone directly but you can see the contrast changes.)
  5. Good evening, I just did the major update to V8.? to V10.0.4 Lots of great things but I have a big problem. The palette of colors that can be selected to color the text have changed. From the dark theme, I adapted it to this little palette by making sense of each color. Every week I convert and update as many old notes as possible. I have thousands of them. My notes are constantly rectified, modified and I add new information. So : - Now I have notes that I can no longer modify because I no longer understand anything in the colors code and I have to edit the entir
  6. Need the dark mode in the Windows app to match ios colors in dark mode ! Please !
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