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  1. Also, I wanted to note that the Windows instructions from the Evernote Help link you gave me is for Windows 7 and not Windows 10, so the pathways to get to what you're talking about does not work, as everything has moved around. 😢
  2. Hi gazumped! Thank you for responding! I do not use Cortana in any regard. I've tested and compared it to the other native dictation embedded in Windows 10 settings, and the non-Cortana option recognized words much better. I have a friend who has a disability where he has no hands, and he uses this exclusively. Even with his slight Dutch accent, it works for him flawlessly, as it also does with me. You can see what I'm talking about by accessing settings > time & language > speech. This is where you configure a microphone to work with dictation. After that is finished, to access the dictation function, you simply press ⊞ + H on your keyboard for the dictation toolbar to pop up. You turn the microphone listening by toggling the microphone icon, and shut off dictation by pressing ⊞ + H again. I'll attach some screenshots for you to see, along with this link to an explanation from Microsoft! Thanks again for your time!
  3. ☀️ Good afternoon! I use Evernote to collect and organize research from books that resemble epic tomes. It is difficult to stop and type out all of my notes, so I prefer using speech recognition software. I was previously using Evernote on iOS only, and used speech recognition that comes native with iPhone keyboards. However iOS speech recognition is inferior to the Windows 10 native speech recognition feature. However, when I attempted to use that on the Windows 10 app version, I can get out exactly one sentence before the speech recognition bar informs me that "Dictation is not fully supported in this app." Typing takes 3x longer than using speech recognition features (no hyperbole there). Without smooth usage of this native feature, it feels like the app is broken for purposes of use like mine. Right now, I have to take notes in Google Docs and copy/paste it into Evernote. I feel like this is sort of a shame for a subscription based premium service, and I'd love to work exclusively in Evernote to avoid even needing to juggle any of it. If there is a trick to getting this to work properly with Evernote that I'm not aware of, I'd appreciate counsel. It works as intended in every other software, apps and browsers that I have tested it in. This leads me to believe this isn't a settings problem, but I'm aware that there are sometimes specific needs and work-arounds with applications still in development. I would be grateful for serious consideration of full support for Windows 10 speech recognition features. Thank you for your time! Nicole
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