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  1. Earlier account i had was with company's account, since I no longer have that account, i had to move to my other existing personal account. No, The account i'm migrating to is a plus/pro account with limit of 200 MB per note. okay let's assume i'm exceeding my limit. I understand showing me error message about the same. But as a user, i dont want to keep clicking the message continuously until i restart my system.
  2. Hello, I recenly switched my evernote account to another email. After exporting the data from my old account to new account I keep getting upgrade message, which I apprently cant close.
  3. Hello, Thank you. I tried it but no luck. Even after that the new window opens at the background to which i've to manually switch.
  4. Hello, I often use Ctrl + Alt + N command to create a new note, but newly created window is always at back. But instead i want it to be on focus. Is there any way to do it? Thanks
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