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  1. I have two suggestions for the evernote platform: Procedures - Being able to list steps 1, 2, 3 and so on, with a checkbox equivalent which results in a strikethrough of steps up to that point. Item Links - You should be able to create 'items' which are linked across notes. Eg, you create a To Do list divided by subjects (cleaning, fitness, work, study etc) with checkboxes underneath. It would then be nice if you could create a separate note where you can pull in single items (wash the car, walk the dog) from the To Do list to order your tasks for the day. Then when you check off the daily list, it also cross references and marks complete the same items in the To Do List. However one flaw would be that the formatting in each document would likely be different in this case (1, 2, 3 vs checkboxes, although I would settle for linking checkboxes across notes). This function could also work with planning documents and collaborative workspaces - you could designate an entire paragraph as a linked item which updates in the final draft as a collaborator updates it in their own planning workspace. Keen to hear feedback, hope to see updates. MP
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