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  1. Hi Everyone. So I ended up switching from that classic version to the new version and have had no issues. So that's good. Maybe the older version was not playing well with Chrome on Mac. But works great now.
  2. Actually @Dave-in-Decatur I use Chrome, never use Safari. I'm also not using the new version of Evernote @PinkElephant. So I really think it's a bug. But it's a pretty bad bug. I'm thinking about moving away from Evernote all together for that reason.
  3. Yep. I have had the same issue a long time. I click on any notebook and nothing shows.PLUS, I start scrolling through my notes and they either aren't there or disappear. I have to hit refresh to get anything to appear and it still doesn't scroll. And as you see, I have 104 notes. I'm on a Macbook Pro and I'm using the browser not the app.
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