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  1. I’m not sure advising people to rely on the malware/virus factory that is MacUpdate is a wise thing to do. I’ve personally disinfected dozens of corporate machines whose administrative employees have harvested “free” utility apps from MacUpdate only to discover a swarm of adware backdoors that were paving the way for an EFI exploit. App Cleaner is also problematic in the sense that it’s been known to make tragically poor decisions for a variety of software packages. Perhaps it’s safe to use on EverNote specifically, but it’s definitely paid my bills (I’m an IT professional) when it goes very wrong in the hands of someone who doesn’t know the chaos it’s capable of. Not something a dev should be recommending in the wake of a problem they themselves inflicted. Evernote devs: script your own uninstaller app and deploy it to ppl who need it, please stop telling your users to install flakey software that has the potential to knock people out of business.
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