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  1. That's what I needed! All the notes I want to delete are adjacent, chronologically, and I didn't know how to highlight blocks of notes. Thanks a million and thanks to all who replied to my question!
  2. I clip hundreds of notes (screenshots) in a few minutes, review them, and then I want to delete them all. These unwanted notes have all been taken in rapid succession so they're grouped together - I have thousands of these notes I don't need but didn't think or remember to isolate them in their own notebooks before clipping them. :shock: Is there any way I can delete or merge>delete these blocks of notes without having to select each one by clicking each tick box, individually? Just to select every note I want to delete would take days - every fifth or sixth one I select opens up in a new window if I try to hurry.
  3. I used to take macro photos of things like watch works and antique marbles with my camera lens as close as 0.5" from the subject - a little Sony DSC-5 - and pics were awesome. Yeah, I'd like to know how you do with the snaps of zine articles, too. I used to have a minox film camera in the '60s made for documents - 007 stuff - and that worked OK - and so I'd be surprised if you cant work it out in digi.
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