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  1. Hi Folks, I find myself with a huge collection of notes - a mix of text, handwriting, and voice - and facing the daunting task of transcribing them & integrating them into the various projects I'm working on. I wonder if anyone has come across any tools that can bulk process notes - run handwriting/voice recognition, auto-generate tags, automatically group them by tag/keyword-in-context, then present them in a slide-sorter kind of display (kind of like going from a bunch of stickies to stickies grouped on a whiteboard). Bonus points for importing from Samsung Notes and Voice Notes. Thanks! Miles Fidelman
  2. I'm using a Samsung Note 8, and I'm getting a bit fed up with the various Samsung note taking apps - particularly the lack of support for desktop access, exporting in standard formats, and backup. Which leads me to wonder how easy it would be to migrate all of my various content into EverNote, and then whether the EverNote Android app is as powerful when it comes to handling handwriting & voice, as the Samsung apps. Advice please! Miles Fidelman
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