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  1. Another bug is that the ScanSnap software cannot communicate with this version of Evernote if Evernote is already running. This means that the user has to close Evernote before every scan. And, after ScanSnap loads Evernote to upload the scan, Evernote will no long sync, so you lose any subsequent posts anyway. How does one revert back to 5.0.2? This version is too dangerous if you lose notes without any error message!
  2. Anyone else having this problem? As a test, I clipped the user forum. Got this as my title "Clip:http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=30" even though the page source title is Evernote User Forum • Post a reply. And the clip was blank.
  3. I upgraded to the latest add on for firefox last night. It includes a new interface which is nice. Unfortunately, it won't clip any websites anymore. I can highlight and get a good clip, but it won't clip the whole site. Also, the title used to grab the title from the webpage but now it doesn't. Anyone having problems with the new add on that was released this week?
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