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  1. Hi, I can confirm that with 1549 notes (many pdfs) the system performance have dropped dramatically. I however have done a big change on my setup (which might be a good tip for the developers and the bug fix process): In the beginning I had many "notebooks" and used much time sorting between them. It seems that I have stumbled across a bug (if it can be called that) where I reduced 10 notebooks to one called INBOX. I was inspired by the Gmail method where you just dont use time on sorting rather depend on "good searching terms". This is where the "big system cpu drop" happened. (Hope it will help on the subject). I also have another issue where it on Mac is extremely slow to start the EN app when minimized. It doesnt seem to matter if I use the "red close button" or "yellow minimize" the respons is the same -sluggish to say the least. It also then (when finally appearing) locks out all notes but the current and I can then only search in that one note. The only way to fix it is to kill EN or to open a "new evernote window" and kill the old one. This has to be a bug right? I hope they also look into the responsiveness on a mac since I use EN all day for dropping bookmarks, notes etc so its usually never "shut down". Thanks. I can also support the statement earlier in this thread regarding the EN iphone app where it takes maybe 30-45 seconds to "snap a picture" into evernote and usually it just crashes. The app was much better in the beginning. Now I think the biggest "error" they´ve done with it is that all the notes are made "available" in a cool GUI style (horizontal setup / vertical setup on the iphone) but where it kills all the "CPU" power on the phone and usually just kills the app. Its a 50/50 if I can take a picture through EN and be able to sync it to the server. Is it just me or are there others feeling that EN constantly gives out "new versions" but perhaps would be better off "waiting a little bit" with the small updates and doing it more on a fixed calendar based schedule where the updates are tested better before releasing it into the market. I think EN is cool but also that they perhaps are "too eager" on listening to the users and ends up with a bloated product full of bugs and a slow performance..
  2. Thanks for answering! (I don´t see the "Wow..." effect on my question however but thanks anyways :-) I still think it´s odd for a company that you can´t purchase credits when they base their income on ads and subscription services. It just means that Evernote are doing well when people use it "a lot" -kind of like Gmail. There you always have the option if you exceed the limit.. And they are similar in many ways (atleast on how I have chosen to use them). I beg to differ on using other programs side by side with Evernote since they do a great job on indexing all my scanned PDFs, and I think this still can be the killer app for all notetaking -in the means of that you don´t need "other software" storing some of the things.. I will just then stick to what I have done before: All scanned office documents are dropped with mailplane to a receiptAccount_xx@gmail.com where Gmail does the same thing as Evernote indexing all the pdfs and making them searchable, and are also as easy availabale on my iphone as Evernote. Aaaand its free with an 8 gb startup account. Not to mention that the docs are in good hands. I do think Google will also be here in 10 years.. I wonder if Gmail and the Google apps suite will at some point offer something like Evernote? Time will show. They do support the plugin scene at the moment and a "capture to gmail" function for the OS and browsers wouldn´t be very hard to make ;-) Just a thought on the subject! :-) http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008/1 ... files.html
  3. Hi, I scanned a bunch of receipts for the office and dragged them to Evernote and exceeded my monthly premium account with 10 days left in the cycle. Thats okey I guess -what is not okey is: a. I can´t purchase "more credits" b. I can´t even add more notes locally without getting the "This new note would exceed your sync limit" -even when I turn the sync off and set it to manually. Does it mean that if you get close to the limit you can´t even capture webpages, etc. locally and sync "in 10 days with the new stuff" because if so then I guess this tool is useless for me at the office. Thank you in advance for any help on this! TmORV
  4. I definetly agree with all of you guys from the user perspective. Evernote won me by giving me a more "global access" to my files than OneNote 2007 but I think still that OneNote has a BIG hand over Evernote when it comes to the way they both let you freely manipulate content on a "page / sheet" and the whay you can password protect each folder / sheet. At home I have a computer that is always on and we all (family) use it. There are some research papers, etc. that I would HIGHLY miss if deleted by a family member. (Yes yes, we could have many accounts, etc.) but the best is: a. Give us an option to have to type in a password when booting Evernote b. Give us an option to password protect "parts" of Evernote. There a a couple of given good things about this: Especially when it comes to searching "all documents". Lets say you store private files, etc. in a "Password protected" Notebook but want to search all the rest 10 notebooks you have? In OneNote it´s easy, not in Evernote. Either you have to there search a given Notebook or just accept that "all documents" pops up in the search field. Hopefully you guys listen to your users, and if I can suggest something I would love it that the product is user innovated based on "online polls" in the forum or web page so we all can take part in this great softwares future development! Isn´t this the most risk free way of continuing making a great product knowing that "most of our users" want this or that new feature? And not just sitting in the office being "creative by yourselves"? ;-) TMORV
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