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  1. Thank you! It helps to read about others experiences. If any other person knows more about it please tell me hahaha Thank you again!
  2. Like the title says, I can´t write on evernote since sometimes it changes the last things I wrote into a mix of words, in some cases it is a combination of something I wrote before in the note. Then it hops to the top of the note and mess all the note up. This happens to me in android and in the computer. In the phone it usually happens when I wrote something wrong so I erease the mistake to write it again, when I do that it mix the last words with other words or letters. What I do is that I press the arrow to go back and then press space so I can write the rest of the word that is missing, th
  3. This happens to me in andriod and in the computer. It also makes a mix of words right where Im typping. I cant even write.
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