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  1. Thanks for getting back to with this. I am using Evernote app v10.5.7 on my computer. Yes it is jumping between notes within the app which it shouldn't - you are correct, this is the reason I am keen to resolve this. As you mentioned that yours is 6.25, should i rollback to older version? Any other solutions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks gazumped, I created ToC as you said, I like this as it looks neater and more effective. Thanks for this. However, when I clicked on the link provided in the ToC and it will pop small dialog box, I then had to click on the link from that box. That's mean I have to click twice before bringing me to specific note. I tried Ctrl+click, it will bring me to the new window page. Is it possible for me to click just once on the link on ToC page and bring me to the specifc note on the same window? Cheers!
  3. I have created several sections in the same page/note. Similar to the Word document, can I create the bookmark name for each section so I can create several hyperlinks at the top of the page so I can click the specific section which will lead me to speculator section in the same page rather than scroll down to find the right section? Thanks
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    In past, I used to see the green signal on the top right corner of each note menu, this tells me that the note is currently syncing. I will wait until it completes syncing before I turned my PC off. Now I cannot see anything, if it is being synced or not, I do received duplicated notes. How will I know if they have completed syncing? Thanks.
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