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  1. Dear Evernote Team, Evernote could be a nice knowledge and news sharing tool for small comapnies, if there were like the possibility to limit shared notebooks to a company limit (and still keeping fully shared notebooks possible). Is something like this in planning? Or even already implemented and I didn't find it until now? best, .tobi.
  2. Hi, I'm working with evernote now since 5 days and I wonder if there is a possibility to arrange notebooks in folders, so notebooks can become parts of metatopics? Anyone else looking for this feature? Or does it already exist? Example I have certain notebooks on technology issues, others on design issues and I would like to group them under those meta-categories. best, .tobi.
  3. I'm having the same problem with German Paypal Account and since I'm living in China I cannot register for google checkout .... hmmm, would be happy if issue with German paypal accounts could be solved or if there would be a simple credit card payment option without using google or paypal. best & thanks, .tobi.
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