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  1. Didin't work properly for me. Installed and configured AutoHotKey succesfully. First, i can't type "Ctrl+sun" or words (ideal), just letters (like "Ctrl+s" I.E.) Second, i try to set the ☉ symbol in the script copying from the character map but when i paste the symbol i obtain "AA".
  2. Awesome! I'll try it and then I'll tell you. Thx
  3. Sounds good but I need to "write in astrological" in many cases, this option is somewhat slow.
  4. I am from windows desktop. Can't figure it out how to visualize any emoji table. Thx
  5. Hi all! I would like to know how I can solve the following: I need to create an "astrological diary" in which I must insert astrological symbols (planets, signs of the zodiac, etc). Any advice on how to do it? I attached an example Thanks in advance!
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