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  1. I appreciate your effort to suggest a solution. Evernote should be bothered about migrations, and being able to easily backup settings is a must have in such situations. And it is not about duplicating data, it's about duplicating settings for multiple users in a workplace & etc. I think it would be a big concern syncing each and every setting in a workplace with multiple users, sharing their business notebooks.
  2. No, I'm not talking about migrating my account, I'm talking about having two accounts on two machines with the same application preferences. But even when your migrating an account, copying database folder is not a "modern" way for sending application preferences. It would be better to have the option of saving & restoring preferences as a file, which most of the windows applications have 😉
  3. Hi, I made some changes in options window of evernote windows and would like to export (Backup) these changes as a file, so that I can import (restore) them later in another windows. I would appreciate such a feature. Thanks
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