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  1. Since the mobile app cannot adjust the text size, and the list hierarchy is also chaotic, I hope that both the web version of the computer and the mobile app will use pure text editing instead of the existing typesetting functions. Specifically, I hope that when I enter "- [ ]", "- [x]", "---", "*", etc. "Don't" will be automatically converted into checkboxes, horizontal lines, and sequences, etc. Please. I wrote these requests using Google Translate and I wasn't sure if the meaning was correct, so I also included Traditional Chinese. Please help. --- 請提供最純粹的純文字的編輯環境 既然手機app無法調整文字大小,清單階層也有錯亂的問題,我希望在電腦網頁版、手機app都使用純文字編輯,不使用現有的排版功能。 具體而言,希望我輸入" - [ ] "、"- [x]"、" --- "、" * "等文字時,"不要"自動變換成核取方塊、水平線、序列等。 我使用Google翻譯寫下這些請求,不確定文義是否正確,所以也附上繁體中文。懇請協助。
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