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  1. My apologies in return. English is not my mother tongue and in my home language it is possible to say "at least" as a sort of inclusive request... For example you could say - "couldn't you please take care of the baby, at least feed her?" as an expression. This sentence would mean the feeding is an expected part of taking care of the baby. Hopefully that is understandable. Thank you for articulating what I meant in a better way! Much appreciated.
  2. I'm not sure what you're talking about when you refer to the "18 most pressing lacking features"? I've found Evernote to be a very useful tool, but use it almost exclusively on mobile (I have a Macbook which I use for development but don't use it much for personal use). I've found it hard to work with images as note attachments on mobile, and wonder why they couldn't a.) either be collapsible in a type of stack/outline as proposed in this question (which would kill a few birds with one stone), or at bare minimum allow the possibility of displaying images in the same manner as PDF attac
  3. This is THE MOST lacking feature in Evernote presently. To be frank, I'm shocked. Far less adept notes apps have this ability already. At least the ability to compress images so they aren't so obnoxiously huge when scrolling or trying to find something... Please! I say this as a recent sign up (premium user). I made the forum account just to post this!!!
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