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  1. Well, 1. Disconnected from Internet, 2. overwrote the entire C:\Users\XXX\Evernote\ folder with the backup from before I updated to Windows 10, 3. then connected to the internet and updated Evernote. I seem to have all my old offline folders and my online records up to date. Thanks to all, Z.
  2. Hi, I have just discovered that I have lost all my local folders since upgrading to Window 10 from Windows 7. I made several backups along the way in the process of upgrading and have backups of the EXB files. The EXB files themselves have not shrunk in size (8.7GB), so I suspect my data is still in there somewhere. I took a lot of data 'offline' into local folders as my online account was getting very bloated. Now they are gone along with several years of notes. When installing Win 10 it initially failed during an upgrade and the install conducted a 'repair' and deleted a lot of programs including Evernote. John
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