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  1. In 6.0 for Mac, I can't even see an option in the font menu anymore - please bring it back and surface it on the font bar!
  2. Thanks JMichael, I'll just wait for the update to come down the App Store pipe.
  3. In general, I feel 6.0 is really lagging on my 2012 Macbook Air (8GB RAM). It is especially apparent for me when tabbing on a list, but I even felt lag when typing. In addition, Yosemite shows Evernote as an app which is using "significant energy." Activity Monitor shows it consuming 1.09 GB of memory.
  4. I'm running Yosemite and just upgraded to Evernote 6.0 this morning. I created a new note and couldn't find it. A couple minutes later I found it was at the bottom of the note list, instead of at the top (check screenshot).
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