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  1. Super clear, thank you. I've already been implementing what you've recommended! Creating tags for each type of recipe and so on! I am finally understanding the hierarchy system - I guess it's there so you can look at your tags in an organized way right? Like chapters within volumes of books? So far so good! Now I have to get my partner to understand how to tag properly - will she be able to see all the tags that I am creating on her Evernote the way I see it if she is using a shared Notebook? Thanks again! Cordon
  2. Thanks for your feedback! Evernote has the searchability, which we need, and some organizational/layout things that make it very appealing for recipe collecting and sharing. Thanks this is very helpful! I have a question though - from what I can tell, you can't create Notebooks within Notebooks. Is this correct? It seems like a very useful function. We need to create a way to separate our groups of note recipes (soups, beef, breads, etc) and I don't want to have to go through the sharing Notebook process with my partner every time I create a new Notebook (unless I have to). We
  3. Hi there! I have a personal basic Evernote account. I run a small business with my business partner and we need a way to collect and share the recipes that we use for our business (and also allow others to at some point sign in and look at them, interns perhaps down the road). I have an Android and she has an iphone and we will mostly be using it on our phone for now. I don't want to share a Notebook with her because we will need multiple Notebooks. We use Google drive to organize everything else, but want to use Evernote for it's recipe sharing usability. Should I A -
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