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  1. I did submit a support ticket. They told me to uninstall Evernote completely, as suggested on this forum. Users on this forum tell us to contact support team. Support team tells us to follow what is mentioned on this forum. Very helpful. They don’t investigate anything.
  2. The problem is still there for me. I tried Onyx already several times recently: it does not fix it. EtreCheck does not help either. The problem is coming from Evernote app and its plugins. The dev team has to so something about it. It’s their job... Cannot understand why this hasn’t moved at all in such a long time. I start considering to drop Evernote. Forever....
  3. Exactly. Actually, AFAIR the submenu changed since last time. I am pretty sure the third option was about fixing something, not "Export Note for Support"... Anyway, I opened my laptop this morning and EvernoteSpotlight crashed 30 times... 😕 I am gonna try to re-do this again, and if it does not work, I will try the complete clean / reinstall procedure...
  4. Since I repaired the database by alt-clicking on the Help menu section and choosing all options under that hidden sub-menu, the issue did not appear. However, I did another thing recently as I wanted to backup my Evernote notes: I exported all notes as html. I actually wanted a .enex file but I did not pay attention to the format and Evernote app tried to export everything as html. By doing this, it stopped and gave me an error about some attachments that could not be found, giving me the title of the note. I searched for the note, simplified formatting or deleted the attachment, then tried to
  5. I finally decided to wipe out Evernote from my Mac, multiple times if necessary, and before entering into this PITA process, I followed your suggestion to try out the options available from within Evernote by alt-clicking on Help menu. I tried all these options, in this order: recreate text search index, recreate Spotlight index, repare notes list. I think I already tried these options about 6 months ago, and it did not solve the issue. This time, however, it seems it did. At least, I can tell I haven't encountered the crash since yesterday. Maybe the development team made some changes to thes
  6. @PinkElephant Ok, good to know, I wasn’t sure what was the state of this issue since for some other users like @Don0819 the uninstall/reinstall only fixed the issue temporarily. I know my log files aren’t very useful here, just wanted to add my 2 cents because I saw log files almost like mines on another thread, so I guess there are many users facing the same issue. From what you say, I guess the dev team did not come back to you with a solution other than the uninstall/reinstall method, so I am gonna open a ticket.
  7. Same here! EvernoteSpotlight.appex regularly crashes, since at least few weeks, almost every day. Actually, it might have started after I finally upgraded to Mojave, few weeks ago... Not sure when it really first appeared, though. What is similar: - I am running Mojave (10.14.6) and Evernote 7.13. - I am also having issues with Spotlight indexing. When I end typing my search, several results show up and quickly disappear from Spotlight results to leave only 1 or 0 entry, where the title of the note exactly matches, and all the rest does not show up. When I search through Evernot
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