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  1. I tried logging out and back in when I first noticed it and that didn't work. Since your suggestions, I tried restarting my computer and that didn't work either, but I tried accessing the notes on my old computer and they showed up there, so I tried logging out and back in once more and they're back now... I'm still frustrated by the whole experience, but thank you very much for your help!
  2. I use the website every day and when I checked this morning, a box popped up saying that it needed to reload. When it "reloaded", all of the notes in the folder I was looking at were gone. I refreshed the screen and 6 of them returned, but I had many more than that. They're not in the trash, though I do have notes from 2015 still hanging out there, apparently. What happened to my notes and how can I get them back?
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