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  1. Any possibility of an option to change the (small)Widget color to black (to match Google's new color scheme) for tablet version of Evernote? Could color the logo to Evernote green, or the Evernote name, to keep the peace with those that like the color.
  2. Note Ranking System - 5 Star system for ranking notes so that you can re-arrange notes without changing creation dates, etc. Also includes sort notebook notes by ranking. This way we can bump a newly created note to the top of the notebook by adding in a "Ranking Sort" Where this would be useful - I'm creating a notebook with all my found tweaks for making Vista more usable. As I fill this notebook with text from websites, user created notes, and links to programs that do some of the work, I'd like to have all the Program links at the top of the notebook. (Sharing the notebook would be like a step by step tutorial with all programs required at the beginning so users following along could download all the programs first, then follow the notes on what to do with those programs.) With a Note ranking system, I could rank all the application links as 5 star, the notes could then be ranked (difficulty, part of OS the tweak belongs to, etc) and put into a coherent format.
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