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  1. I have to add to this and/or recognizing DPI scaling in windows. I've now used evernote on a Microsoft surface, and currently the lenovo helix. Both are smallish screens with high-resolution, and on both evernote is essentially unusable in its current state. High resolution screens on windows laptops / computers are not a fad. More and more manufacturers are releasing high res windows 8 devices. Not having the ability to zoom a note, and not being able to scale the interface itself to be useable with these products is really not great. Please address this soon!
  2. I just got a pre (longtime wm user, and reliant on evernote, so glad you guys came with me!) Just wanted to say that my password does work, and it has a symbol in it, so I'm not sure if it's only particular symbols?
  3. For what it's worth, any users who want to use almost any .xpi (firefox addon format) in a newer version of firefox, you can make most addons compatible with a few simple steps. 1. Download the addon (right click save as) instead of installing it. 2. Rename the addon to something.zip 3. Open the zip file in your software of choice 4. Grab the file labeled "install.rdf" and open it in notepad or wordpad. 5. look for the line that says: 3.1b3 6. Change the max version to something greater than your current version "5.5" for example. 7. Save the .rdf file and put it back in the zip archive. 8. Rename the archive back to the original file name.xpi 9. Drag the file onto an open firefox window, and hope everything works. Enjoy.
  4. You know, every time Dave gets deep into the thought process that goes on with the Evernote team, I come a little closer to coming on board. I really don't think Evernote will ever be quite the right tool for me to use to organize client notes and memos. I have hundreds of clients, and onenote suits that particular task perfectly, each client gets a section, each section has individual pages for individual notes that automatically date and time stamp, and print with the section title's name at the bottom for paper backup. That doesn't mean that I don't use evernote for everything else. However, veering off the subnotebook/hierarchy subject for a second - Assuming I have notes pulled up based on the filtering for a specific tag hierarchy, for example, recipes, baking... is there a way to allow for whatever new note I add to the bottom of this saved search to inherit the tags of the filter I am in? I tend to be a very disorganized thinker, which is one of the reasons a tool like evernote is so fantastic in the first place... I feel like being able to automatically add tags to a new note based on what tags you have filtered for. Maybe this is unclear (I don't have evernote in front of me on this computer) but I think that would add a level of efficiency to adding new notes within a certain tag structure, without actually altering any of the metaphors. The downside of this would be if you forgot to unfilter your results before adding a new note, it might inadvertently get tagged, so making this a selectable option might be the way to go. Also, I apologize in advance if this feature already exists- I haven't played with the tags all that much. By the way Dave, it's truly awesome that you're as responsive on these forums as you are.
  5. Just one more vote for subfolders/notebooks. I mentioned my workflow in onenote on this thread....http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8617, but evernote has so much other good stuff going for it, that I would immediately become a premium user if I could hierarchically manage my notes. +1.
  6. I'm in exactly the same place you are. I'm an attorney with a large number of clients. I use evernote for my personal home/needs, and I use onenote exclusively in the office. I wish evernote could be my one stop, but the inability to create separate nested notebooks or sections per client, is really the killer. In onenote, each client gets a section, and then each time I get a phone call, need to review a file, prep an exam, etc... it gets a new page in that client's section. Since it gets automatically date and time stamped, and prints with the section name at the bottom, I can instantly create a paper record of that note as needed. Evernote absolutely wipes the floor with onenote on so many levels, not the least of which being it's online and mobile sync. Right now I use live mesh to backup my onenote folders and let me access them at home, but it's really inefficient. If Evernote added the ability to organize separate and nested notebooks so that I could have for example: personal (and whatever sub sections I wanted) Work Client 1 Client 2 I'd be completely converted. I may be totally off base, but looking at previous builds of evernote, http://www.hermanboel.eu/images/software/evernote.gif we used to be able to do this? Anyhow just my thoughts, and hopes that soon I'll be able to drop onenote altogether.
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