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  1. This was silently fixed in the latest beta (2.2b3).
  2. As of version 2.1 (up to and including 2.2b2), auto-zoom stopped working on both my Macs. I can't see any other mention of it, so I assume this is some freak thing that's somehow managed to hit both my machines. Any suggestion on how I can trick it back into working?
  3. I was stuck on the same thing. Restarted computer, same thing. Force quit Evernote and restarted a few times, suddenly it started processing. After finishing all my notes are there, but I'm not sure they've actually been processed properly, because auto zoom is broken. Edit: What I meant to say was that I don't know if auto zoom is simply broken in this version, or if it's because of the processing issues that it doesn't work anymore.
  4. I suspect the lack of official reply indicates they do not consider this an issue/have no idea how to address it. It's a pity paying for Evernote and yet having to use other applications to make notes and take photos, then importing them into Evernote afterward to avoid the risk of Evernote wiping them out.
  5. Here's the scenario I experienced earlier today: Started Evernote and chose "snapshot" to take a picture of a whiteboard after a meeting. I hit Save. I then do it again for another whiteboard. Apparently Evernote was unable to connect to server (I noticed sync was stuck and never finished, and the transfer arrows in the notification bar were showing no activity). After a good while, perhaps half an hour or so, I restarted the phone as nothing else on the phone had trouble accessing the net, but Evernote was stuck in sync and refused to cancel when I told it to. When I started Evernote back up again, the notes were nowhere to be found. I don't know if they ever actually showed up as notes, but I'm absolutely 100% positive I clicked "save", not discard. Luckily I could recover the images from the temp folder via a file manager, so there was no harm. Still though, there seems to be a somewhat nasty bug here - seemingly related to sync, creating new notes, or snapshots - that ought to be paid attention to.
  6. I second that. It's pretty awful for accessing notes as it is now. However, for adding notes, it's great. Definitely the correct prioritization of what aspect to concentrate on first.
  7. When turning on the GPS option in Evernote, it keeps the GPS running even after returning to home screen. Is this intentional, or an oversight? The GPS ought to only be active while actually in Evernote, not while it's in the background. The way it is now, the only way to turn it off again is to switch it off in Evernote settings, or restart the phone (since there's no way to exit Evernote completely).
  8. Just a comment on this. Unless you really fumble the quality of the Android client, the odds of Evernote making it to the featured list (the 10 or so apps shown at the top when entering the market) should be pretty good. That's a fair amount of visibility even for late comers. Since the client will presumably be identical for premium and free, you don't risk running into problems with all the countries where the commercial part of market has yet to be launched either (only free apps available where live, which is a royal pain, since not many bother making their own activation scheme for their apps so they can sell directly).
  9. Just to inform: there's no need to use the Android Market to distribute it. I'm beta testing another Android app at the moment, and the way I install that is to head to a URL on their web site. So, while I can't tell you exactly how (but I'm guessing they just create a .apk file and point people to that), it's definitely possible.
  10. Based on what I've read, it's up to the handset manufacturers whether they wish to use a "pure" Android, or one that has Google services and applications pre-installed. So this is not Google's call, but the handsets. Luckily there are enough manufacturers out there willing to embrace Android to ensure a fair selection of models, even if the giants like Nokia refuses to adopt it.
  11. The reasoning behind that seems rather flawed. While Google did develop Android, and runs the market (as far as I know), I believe that's where it ends. Android itself is open source with a very liberal license, and thus not under Google's control. Personally, that's precisely why I never bought an iPhone and instead waited for Android.
  12. I assume you only care about the US in this respect? Because many countries have only gotten the first wave of Android phones this summer.
  13. I do wonder what the deal is. Their glossing over of the topic in the latest podcast just underlines what has become rather apparent. They don't want to talk about it. God knows why not. Either way, it's pretty clear by now they're not actively working on the Android version yet (that's the only logical reason I can see for not acknowledging it if they were). It's a shame, but there's no real competition so all we can do is try to be patient. Eventually Evernote will do an Android version, or someone else will offer a similar service supporting the Android and we can move there. One or the other is bound to happen.
  14. My question was whether work has started on it, or if it's still just a bullet point on a road map. A clear answer to that would not be an ETA.
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply. That's the blog entry I was referring to. You didn't really answer though. But I put your reply through the wooly-company-speak filter, and the most likely translation came out as "not started working on it yet, don't know when we will".
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