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  1. 7.6.4 crashes immediately upon launch on both iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2. I would think it was a device specific issue if it wasn't doing the same thing on both my iPhone and iPad. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, but no matter what, it crashes on launch.
  2. I am completely SHOCKED that they removed dragging to tags! How are you suppose to mass tag notes? I import notes in bulk and now I have no way of tagging them without doing it individually on each note... this would take me MONTHS... who's bright idea was it to think people would not want to mass tag notes? Unbelievable! Good thing I backed up my database because I am moving back to the previous version. If this feature is not brought back I will just have to use the old version until it stops working and then move on to something else. Good move Einstein!
  3. Well, if it is not that important, then why include it in the Windows version... look at the number of Windows users that actually OWN a tablet PC.. it is probably about the same percentage of Mac users that own a Wacom tablet... most Windows users NEVER use ink support in Windows or Evernote, yet you have no problem including it for them... no matter what you say, there is no reason other than you do not use Wacom tablets. You have like one fifth, if not smaller, development staff for mac than you do windows... so no matter what you say, we know the real reason you are not supporting ink in Mac... its called a "waste of time" in your mind. A small company like circus ponies had no problem including ink support for the "low" percentage of wacom owners, so don't give me that *****! Then you have the Ink Book program which is ONLY for Wacom pen owners, and yet they have no problem making that program for the "low" percentage of mac users that use direct ink. It would not take you long to implement the feature... if ONE GUY at circus ponies can put that feature in in one update, your team could do it in no time... unless you just don't know how, which would be a better explanation than lying to us with these stupid excuses. I'm done!
  4. In a previous post on this subject, the reason for not including ink support in the mac version was rather ridiculous. You gave stats about how many people use Windows in the world over those that use Mac and that there were not enough Mac users to make it worth your while... if that is so, then why make a Mac version at all... that is a stupid statement. There are TONS of Mac users with Wacom tablets that would like ink support and you don't even care. Even Apple is including more and more ink support in the OS and you still act like it is a rare request... are you kidding me? Thanks for ink viewing in the Mac version... utterly useless as most Mac users of Evernote are not using Mac and Windows, so why would I care if I could read an ink document on my Mac if I have no way to create an ink document in the first place. I am tired of you and other companies talking about the low percentage of Mac users as if we are insignificant and have no bering on anything. The reason there are so many Windows users even today is because companies like you refuse to make equivalent features... why switch to Mac when companies only release a limited version on Mac. That is what Microsoft does, "We will give you Office and Microsoft Messenger, but it will have very few features in common with the Windows versions because we don't want people to switch to Mac." Now Microsoft has a legitimate reason... so what is yours? Is it the same? Are you trying to keep everyone on Windows? Is that your ultimate goal? It is sad that I have Evernote yet I have to use Notebook by Circus Ponies and Inkbook by Mage Software because you refuse to include ink support. So now I have 2 locations where I store my notes, and Evernote is starting to look less and less like the most viable option at this point. You didn't even say, "We will look into the possibility of including it if we get enough requests." No, instead you simply stated, flat out, there is NEVER going to be direct ink support in the Mac version. So the money we pay for the Premium account is good enough for you to profit off of, but not good enough for you to listen to take our concerns seriously to help improve your software? Where would you be without your users? We are not important enough to dedicate any additional programming time as the percentages are not high enough for you. Until companies start offering equal feature sets, nothing is going to change... but what do I know... I'm just a Mac user... a single digit percentage of the overall users... so just continue to ignore us because we are insignificant.
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