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  1. I am completely SHOCKED that they removed dragging to tags! How are you suppose to mass tag notes? I import notes in bulk and now I have no way of tagging them without doing it individually on each note... this would take me MONTHS... who's bright idea was it to think people would not want to mass tag notes? Unbelievable! Good thing I backed up my database because I am moving back to the previous version. If this feature is not brought back I will just have to use the old version until it stops working and then move on to something else. Good move Einstein!
  2. Well, if it is not that important, then why include it in the Windows version... look at the number of Windows users that actually OWN a tablet PC.. it is probably about the same percentage of Mac users that own a Wacom tablet... most Windows users NEVER use ink support in Windows or Evernote, yet you have no problem including it for them... no matter what you say, there is no reason other than you do not use Wacom tablets. You have like one fifth, if not smaller, development staff for mac than you do windows... so no matter what you say, we know the real reason you are not supporting ink in
  3. In a previous post on this subject, the reason for not including ink support in the mac version was rather ridiculous. You gave stats about how many people use Windows in the world over those that use Mac and that there were not enough Mac users to make it worth your while... if that is so, then why make a Mac version at all... that is a stupid statement. There are TONS of Mac users with Wacom tablets that would like ink support and you don't even care. Even Apple is including more and more ink support in the OS and you still act like it is a rare request... are you kidding me? Thanks for
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