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  1. 7.6.4 crashes immediately upon launch on both iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2. I would think it was a device specific issue if it wasn't doing the same thing on both my iPhone and iPad. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, but no matter what, it crashes on launch.
  2. I am completely SHOCKED that they removed dragging to tags! How are you suppose to mass tag notes? I import notes in bulk and now I have no way of tagging them without doing it individually on each note... this would take me MONTHS... who's bright idea was it to think people would not want to mass tag notes? Unbelievable! Good thing I backed up my database because I am moving back to the previous version. If this feature is not brought back I will just have to use the old version until it stops working and then move on to something else. Good move Einstein!
  3. I am having the EXACT same 2 problems. When I save new notes, they do not show up. The number indicator next to the folder increases by 1 showing that there was a new note added, but it is not in the folder it shows it to be in. When I check on Evernote online or Evernote on my iPhone or iPad, the notes are there and in the correct folder, but new notes just simply DO not show in the Mac version of Evernote v3.1.2 I even tried importing a Notebook .enex file, and it shows all the notes importing, and the newly created notebook shows the correct number of notes next to the notebook in the side list, but when you click on the notebook, Evernote says there are no notes in this notebook. It was working fine on the previous version, but 3.1.2 is broken. I also can not scroll all the way to the top without manually grabbing the scroll bar, moving it to the top and quickly clicking a note near the top, otherwise it instantly scrolls back down to a note in the middle that is highlighted. This versions is BROKEN! One more thing, you can't move notes from one notebook to another... if you do, it will change the drop down in the note to the correct notebook, but the note itself will remain exactly where it was... so I can no longer move ANY notes from one notebook to another. I just downloaded and test v3.2 beta 1, and the problems still exist, so there is defiantly major bugs in the code that need to be fixed. I am surprised there was not more internal testing done before submitting 3.1.2 to the App store, as the delay in the approval process is going to tick off a lot of people, and since the problems still exist in 3.2 beta 1, then someone needs to go back and look at the code that was changed from the previous working version, because somebody dropped the ball big time. Update: I just re-downloaded v3.1.1, and the problems are STILL THERE when they weren't there prior to upgrading to 3.1.2, so something is TOTALLY broke now. I am going to have to completely wipe my system of ANYTHING to do with Evernote and see if that doesn't fix it. Update #2: I have completely removed EVERYTHING related to Evernote on my computer... full wide system search, including System Files, all references, config files, plists, entire database and the app itself... everything deleted. I then rebooted my computer, redownloaded a fresh copy of 3.1.2 from the App Store, pulled down ALL my notes from the server, and guess what... the problems are STILL there... I can't see any new notes added through the application, but they do show when I log into evernote.com and through my iPad and iPhone, but not the Mac app, I can't move notes from one notebook to another, as it shows the number increment for that folder, but the note stays where it was, and scrolling is broken, as it keeps jumping back to the highlighted note somewhere in the middle without letting me scroll to the top or bottom. It is strange that the developers are not able to reproduce this problem, because it is obvious that more than 1 person is experiencing it, and no steps I have taken seem to resolve it. I am wondering if there is a common thread, by which a 3rd party app that both BobF and myself have installed that conflicts with Evernote, because I am baffled, but as it stands, Evernote on my Mac is completely useless and there doesn't seem to be any resolution in sight as the developers don't see this as their problem. I am not happy, and as a premium member, I expect this matter to be looked into more in-depth rather than giving me the same boilerplate steps about reinstalling, or creating a new Mac account or creating a new evernote account and sharing the notes... none of these work for this problem, so PLEASE, can someone look into this?
  4. All of you complaining about the word "Unlimited" have no concept of advertising and advertising laws. What Evernote is doing is NOT... I repeat NOT illegal. They could put a notice on their site that says all 3 headed green aliens get Premium services for free, even though everyone knows they are not giving free Premium services to 3 headed green aliens. "Unlimited" in advertising terms is equivalent to "reasonably unlimited based up on the likeliness that a single user would not reach that limit". You are stuck with the dictionary definition of "Unlimited" which is not the basis for almost EVERY company that advertises "Unlimited". Look at AT&T and Verizon... do you actually think their Unlimited data plans are truly unlimited? NO... they all range around 5GB of transfer per month before they start warning you. Should a user come close to the 100,000 limit, I guarantee that Evernote will raise the limit to 150,000 or 200,000. A court of law will not hear a case in which the plaintiff of a lawsuit is not directly effected by the advertising statement in question. There must be proof of damages in order to win a legal case. If you have not reached the 100,000 limit or been told by Evernote you can not upload any more notes, then you have no case. Simply put, stop nitpicking something that will most likely never happen. Nobody will ever reach the true limit of notes because Evernote will raise the limit the moment an account comes close, and believe me, they know exactly who is using what amount of storage and who the top users are and how much space they are taking up. So, in closing, DROP IT... quit wasting the staff's time when they can be focusing on features and bug fixes just because you feel you have been slighted. You are the type of people that think every corporation is sleazy and trying to get one over on you. Let it go and get a life!
  5. So basically the Firefox team and the Google Chrome team need to code better PDF support into the Mac version of their browsers and it would probably make it easier for you guys to implement a similar feature as the Shift+Click to PDF functionality of Safari... unless of course Apple is using undocumented, internal APIs to gain greater access to Macs deep PDF functionality. It does bug me a little... I have moved from Safari to Chrome as my primary browser... both of them use Webkit, but I feel Chrome just has a faster, sleeker interface and plugin system, but I do miss the Safari Evernote clipper... I can't image how Windows users survive without the PDF print support through the OS... just can't imaging... but having to do Print->PDF->Save PDF to Evernote is not that big of a deal I guess.
  6. Found a bug. In the sidebar, as long as the Tags section is shown, I can not click on any other section. The triangles next to the sections that open and collapse the sections will not work. If Tags is showing, It is always in the Open State. If I hide the Tags section with the gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar, then all other sections work fine Opening and Collapsing, but as long as the Tags section is visible, it is always Opened and forces all other sections closed. So, when the Tags section is showing, ALL triangle icons of ALL sections refuse to work. I have deleted the Evernote App and redownloaded a new copy, I have deleted my data folder and re-synced from online, but no luck. As long as the Tags section is visible, the whole side bar is unusable, although clicking on individual tags works fine, I just cant access anything else in the sidebar while the Tags section is visible. UPDATE: Ok, the Tags section definitely has problems. I have been dinking around by hiding and unhiding different sections, and after a few combinations, the Triangles started working again while the Tags section was showing, so I thought it was all fixed. But no such luck. The triangles work intermittently and at least 50% of the time, when the Tags section is Open and the Notebooks section is closed, clicking the triangle next to the Notebooks opens the Notebooks section for a split second but then the tags section redraws itself on the screen real quick and closes the Notebooks section. All of my problems have only involved the Tags section. Every other section works perfectly as long as the Tags section is not visible.
  7. Agreed... with the tags feature, there is no reason anyone should have that many notebooks. Don't see this as a limitation of Evernote, but rather you need to rethink your organizational strategy... you are relying WAY too much on notebooks and that is not what they were really intended for. With most apps and services today, tags are the primary focus, as well as saved searches, etc. I have been using Evernote for a while now and I have brought over ALL of my notes from Yojimbo and SOHO Notes and I have no problem finding them all. I have ONE online notebook simply called "jbardi's notebook" for syncing to the service and ONE offline notebook called "Local Drop Box" that I have set up as the default location for all new notes. After new notes are tagged I move them to the online notebook, or leave them in the offline notebook if I plan to simply delete them shortly after their use. My tagging is my primary means of finding any and all notes. If you use good tagging system, there should be no reaosn you can not find what you are looking for without wasting your time with a hundred notebooks. If you have reached the hundred notebook limit, then you might as well use tags because who can remember all of those notebook names for good sorting. Here is an example of good tagging, for example, of a Receipt for a online birthday gift purchase: receipt, amazon, for jimmy, from grandpa, birthday, gift, 2009 Now, if I want to see who I bought gifts for in 2009, I select the online notebook, click on receipt keyword, then while holding down the command key on the mac keyboard, I highlight gift and 2009 If I want to see what I bought for jimmy for his birthday last year so I don't buy the same thing, I highlight receipt, for jimmy, birthday and 2008, so you see, there is no better way to really dig down deep into thousands of notes to find exactly what you are looking for.
  8. Well, if it is not that important, then why include it in the Windows version... look at the number of Windows users that actually OWN a tablet PC.. it is probably about the same percentage of Mac users that own a Wacom tablet... most Windows users NEVER use ink support in Windows or Evernote, yet you have no problem including it for them... no matter what you say, there is no reason other than you do not use Wacom tablets. You have like one fifth, if not smaller, development staff for mac than you do windows... so no matter what you say, we know the real reason you are not supporting ink in Mac... its called a "waste of time" in your mind. A small company like circus ponies had no problem including ink support for the "low" percentage of wacom owners, so don't give me that *****! Then you have the Ink Book program which is ONLY for Wacom pen owners, and yet they have no problem making that program for the "low" percentage of mac users that use direct ink. It would not take you long to implement the feature... if ONE GUY at circus ponies can put that feature in in one update, your team could do it in no time... unless you just don't know how, which would be a better explanation than lying to us with these stupid excuses. I'm done!
  9. funny how users think they have to tell the developers how to implement a feature... as if they are brain dead... hilarious... really, it truly is!
  10. If you are whining about evernote in the startup it is time to buy some new ram... EvernoteHelper does not have a major impact on battery life, cpu or memory if you have a decent amount of ram... if you are still trying to push your first gen intel mac with 512MB to 1GB of ram, quit being cheap and upgrade your memory... 1GB is below standard at this point... 4GB is now the new standard on new machines, so time to get with the program. And, if you are still using a PPC mac and have 1GB or lower of memory, well, then you shouldn't even be here. However, if you have a decent amount of ram and are simply one of those people that hates anything running in the background without their knowledge, then maybe computers aren't for you... I hear the government has GPS tracking and hidden cameras embedded inside every computer and monitor, so you are being watched right now... better put that computer in the closet, its not safe LOL
  11. In a previous post on this subject, the reason for not including ink support in the mac version was rather ridiculous. You gave stats about how many people use Windows in the world over those that use Mac and that there were not enough Mac users to make it worth your while... if that is so, then why make a Mac version at all... that is a stupid statement. There are TONS of Mac users with Wacom tablets that would like ink support and you don't even care. Even Apple is including more and more ink support in the OS and you still act like it is a rare request... are you kidding me? Thanks for ink viewing in the Mac version... utterly useless as most Mac users of Evernote are not using Mac and Windows, so why would I care if I could read an ink document on my Mac if I have no way to create an ink document in the first place. I am tired of you and other companies talking about the low percentage of Mac users as if we are insignificant and have no bering on anything. The reason there are so many Windows users even today is because companies like you refuse to make equivalent features... why switch to Mac when companies only release a limited version on Mac. That is what Microsoft does, "We will give you Office and Microsoft Messenger, but it will have very few features in common with the Windows versions because we don't want people to switch to Mac." Now Microsoft has a legitimate reason... so what is yours? Is it the same? Are you trying to keep everyone on Windows? Is that your ultimate goal? It is sad that I have Evernote yet I have to use Notebook by Circus Ponies and Inkbook by Mage Software because you refuse to include ink support. So now I have 2 locations where I store my notes, and Evernote is starting to look less and less like the most viable option at this point. You didn't even say, "We will look into the possibility of including it if we get enough requests." No, instead you simply stated, flat out, there is NEVER going to be direct ink support in the Mac version. So the money we pay for the Premium account is good enough for you to profit off of, but not good enough for you to listen to take our concerns seriously to help improve your software? Where would you be without your users? We are not important enough to dedicate any additional programming time as the percentages are not high enough for you. Until companies start offering equal feature sets, nothing is going to change... but what do I know... I'm just a Mac user... a single digit percentage of the overall users... so just continue to ignore us because we are insignificant.
  12. I thought it was gone too, but look all the way to the right side of the Toolbar, after the Goole Search field, and you should see the 1Password icon over there. It is not making it disappear, but it is forcing it to the far right side of the Toolbar instead of where you put it with "Customize Toolbar".
  13. Problem is, those that want this feature are VERY few and far between... very specific request that would be a lot of work for the benefit of a very few. I agree that the developers time would be better spent on the Sharing features in the desktop apps. Out of the hundreds of feature requests I have seen on this board, I think almost every one of them is more beneficial than this feature and would take up a lot less time coding. Spending that much time on such a feature would require a large percentage of user benefit due to the major delay it would put on other features, and I seriously doubt it will achieve the necessary requests to see the light of day. Then to suggest they change their requirement structer with a bunch of hooey about a limit of 2 free accounts per paid account, not to exceed 5 free per household excluding common law family units in which case 10 free accounts per household with a minimum of 4 paid accounts, blah, blah, blah... I am obviously over stating this issue, but come on, get a grip... they are not going to confuse the ***** out of everyone just so a handful of users can log into multiple accounts on the same computer. If they could just hammer out the sharing in the desktop App, you could simply let ALL of your employees have their own personal account and simply create a business notebook in your personal account and then share it with all of your employees. That would let them access it from their desktop app without requiring a separate account. There really is no argument anyone could make to say logging into multiple accounts from a single desktop is any more beneficial to sharing a notebook instead... in fact, I'd say the latter is cleaner and more efficient.
  14. This is definitely a necessity... I have a Premier account, but 3 of my family members as well as 1 client have free Evernote accounts... 2 of them are willing to be premium because, like me, they assumed the shared folders would work in the desktop client. Until this feature is available, they will all remain free users. Heres hoping this is seen as a priority rather than something minor you plan to implement like a year down the road... this is more important than some of the other stuff you are including.
  15. The instructions are very clear.... place the contents of the zip file into the services folder and then it will be available with the right click context menu. You simply clicked on the workflow itself which will open up in Automator... the directions were explicit if you would just read instead of doing on your own.
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