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  1. If you are paying evernote for premium features, image quick resize doesn't seem like a big ask. Check atlassian folks doing it so effortlessly.
  2. No it is not! I have on an average 15-20 images in a note and I can't keep playing drag handle in my profession
  3. Hi @Shane D., the auto resize feature is a really crucial one for professionals who work primarily with a lot of images in their day to day life. Why can't we have a shortcut for resizing images in Evernote yet? Example: Confluence by Atlassian does a great job with sizing images to certain standard formats which I would want @EverNote to adapt asap! They give you three standard options of small, medium and large size as you can see in the attached file. CC: @jefito, @gazumped, @lisec, @arose10, @DTLow What do you think?
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