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  1. Thanks for the response.... And I hear you. I would disagree.... if you are showing your name to my networks, my contacts, etc., I would call that advertising. But you say tomato, I say advertisement.... whatever. As i say, not the end of the world by any means. Evernote is like magic, and I love it. But that's exactly what I want when I am at a trade show and a client asks me to send him a rate sheet or document. I want it to appear like magic as I type a few clicks into my iPhone and it is magically in his box. Whether it's technically an ad or not, this being on an email like that is like doing the trick but letting the audience see the strings. Just means I am less Harry Houdini and more Boffo the Magic Clown. I can live with it. But I will celebrate the day this changes. Thanks
  2. I am sorry I can't find the answer to this in other posts.... Is there a way to remove the Evernote branding from emails sent from Evernote? When I upgraded to premium, I expected the Evernote ads to be gone from the shared notebooks AND from emails. Apparently it is only the former. My emails still have Evernote frames and links on them and I would really like them to not. I love Evernote, and I spread the word every day. I've tried to get everyone here using it. But that's a serious drawback to me. One of the main things I want to be able to use this for is sending things from my phone that I have stored in Evernote. For personal things I don't really care. But for business items..... it's not that Evernote embarrasses me. But in business, you really want the process to be transparent and you don't want to send someone a presentation with another companies ads on it. I thought that's what I was buying when I upgraded. I knew it wasn't mentioned specifically in the Premium pitch, but I I hope I am not the first person to assume "no ads...." meant in all things shared from Evernote. J
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