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  1. And I see now that a second template has appeared (by itself while I was talking to you), but it's none of the templates I did a View Template on! Chfooy
  2. And there is no Web Evernote for the Android Chrome browser. And there is no Chat (or even Help) in Android Evernote, but merely Explore Evernote. Boo!
  3. In my case, I'm on Android Evernote 8.7.0, which should be the latest. I haven't previously used any templates. I took the 30-day Challenge, and it worked, and I now have their initial template as the only template. It said it was the 2nd template of 4, so I browsed & found another template (a GTD template) and followed the video, by doing a View Template and so on. At the end, I do not see the new template when I add a note. Now, as it took me through getting the Challenge template, it took me through Login, which gave me the choice of Google or Evernote account, and I pick
  4. It is easy for me to imagine all sorts of wonderful solutions, since I don't have to spend time actually doing it. I'm sure Dave's ideas are just as good, but he has things to worry about as he guides this thing along its path, and everything takes time. And I am known for being very long-winded (sigh). When I left HP a couple of months ago, I moved from using MS Office 2003 to the 2007 edition. It has the "ribbons" along the top. I'm still not fully adjusted to it, occasionally failing to find the place where the function I need might be buried. But I nevertheless consider it to be an a
  5. Like most folks, I've used the subfolder notion for years, in Unix & Windows file systems, in Outlook, and in many other places. More recently, I've come to appreciate tagging and have gone through multiple learning processes with them. Tagging is very popular in modern Web-based collaboration (Web 2.0 or whatever). I've used them with Outlook categories, Shadow Plan & SmartList for Palm OS, Google Mail (Gmail), Google Reader (Greader), Evernote, FireFox bookmarks, etc. Like most folks, over the years, I've evolved a directory tree structure I like for file systems, and I set that up
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