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  1. I have also seen significant bugs with bulletted lists. Sometimes, I am in the middle of working on a bulleted list, and I hit enter and there's no bullet. I then have to delete the space before it and try again once or twice before it "catches" and makes the next bullet point. I'd still really like to see basic outlining implemented beyond bulleted lists, but since I use this thing for notetaking at least one of these systems has to be solid.
  2. It would be amazing to be able to have a pen like this that has wifi, or cell data like a kindle, and just uploads to a service like Evernote as it goes. It would be incredible!
  3. yeah, I've had this happen before too. It seems to be very intermittent.
  4. I'm still running into some issues. Finereader doesn't have a "pass to another program" option. All it can do is either save to the place the original PDF came from with "processed by FineReader" added to the end of the name, or it can open a save dialog. So the closest it seems I can come is have ScanSnap save to one folder (pictures), and then each time use the save dialog to move to the Evernote auto-add folder. Still simpler than what I was doing with ReadIris, but not great. I have no idea how to do applescript and all of that, but could I have it only import files with "processed by FineReader.pdf" at the end of the filename? Then I could just have ScanSnap save to the same folder, it would get passed to Finereader, which would auto-resave with that at the end, and the folder action would bring it into Evernote.
  5. Also, on that note, my S500M did NOT come with the OCR software you are all talking about. I was told when I emailed Fujitsu that it was only bundled with the later models in the series (The S510M, I believe). I would love to get the software, but neither the OCR company nor Fujitsu will send it to me. So, buy another scanner, basically. Abbyy has never released their scanning suite for OS X (which at least on PC is one of the best by far) other than in this bundle. edit- Found it! Abbyy has it available now on their downloads site. I'm now using the drop folder method with the finereader OCR.
  6. I use ReadIris to OCR text from the documents I scan using ScanSnap Manager, which came with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M batch scanner. I have ScanSnap Manager set to pass scans to ReadIris, and ReadIris is set to pass it's PDFs with embedded text (from the OCR) to Evernote. It's an extremely slick setup. The PDFs come out far better than normal scanned jpgs in evernote, because you can select the text in the document. At this point, Evernote's OCR abilities are only used when I need to take a picture of something with my iPhone and want it in Evernote. My next step is to implement this article's applescripts http://www.macworld.com/article/137091/paperlessoffice.html to make the process faster.
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