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  1. No you don't need the scanner I just use the same auto import folder that I have setup for my scanner as on auto save to Evernote folder for other programs. Yes you need to be premium to store other program files like FreeMind, Excel or anything other than the few that Evernote supports in there free service. This is my method for starting a new file. If you already have existing files just drag and drop them into Evernote. Somehow I created a right click send to Evernote function but I don't remember how I did that at the moment but you can probably search the forum for the instructions. B
  2. Funny, Being able to sync my FreeMind maps between home and work was one of the reasons I went premium 8) My work flow is like this. 1. Open freemind and create a new map and do what ever brainstorming needs to be done. 2. Save map in the same folder as I have setup for my scanner to auto import into Evernote. 3. Close this initial map so I don't make anymore changes in a unsynced map. Now when I want to open or edit the map I go to the note that has the .mm file stored in it and double click, it opens in Freemind and I can make what changes I want. When I save it, it is st
  3. I see my structure didn't space right :? +Notebooks ___+Personal _____finance _____healthcare _____etc.... ___+Work _____+Projects _______proj1 _______proj2 ___+Standards ______ADOT ______etc..... +Tags ___Control ___Asbuilts ___Field work ___Scope of Work ___etc.... I guess I not sure what’s missing here? If you select All Notebooks and tag "Chapter 1" you would see all the notes you have that have "Chapter 1" tag in them, If you select just the tag "Chapter 1" you can see which notebook it is in from the note book column. Ok so playing with this a little more I see if you have tags for
  4. Ok here is my view, I have been using EV at both home and work since 2.1 and paid for my personal copy for ver. 2.2 and I am still paying for my home copy and using free version at work. If there were subfolders it would probably be easier to keep them in one account. But even saying that, I've got over 200 tags in my work database so adding my personal database to that would be even more unwielding. What would be more key is a way to filter the tags by notebook. It would be an icon next to the Tags heading on the left and when activated would only show the tags that are normally highlighted i
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