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  1. the folder option thing now works. but the auto import seems buggy. note creation date is when the file was created. more importantly, it did not create a note for a .doc document although it moved it to the successful folder. basically i found it hard to dig out the recently create note... i guess i will revisit this later. thanks a ton for helping
  2. I downloaded the workflow. The workflow requires folder options to be enabled right? Now to enable that I followed the steps posted by the OP. When I follow those steps is when this script gets attached to the folder in question. In summary, here is what I did. Created a new folder in Documents folder. Enabled folder options on that folder. Attach script which I saved in Library/scripts/folder options script. Then I copy a pdf file in that folder and wait for the pdf to be magically imported into evernote. but no luck . scanning directly into evernote does not even come into the picture yet...
  3. that was quick! however, given my inability to even get the folder options to work, i guess i just need to wait...
  4. hi. i am afraid i did not understand what you mean when you say get rid of that. i tried un-checking the script "on" option first. that did not work. then i unchecked the folder and checked the script that did not work either. is it possible to restate the steps with more granularity in the "attach script" step? thanks!
  5. Thanks! The auto folder script does not seem to work for me. Posted a message in the other thread. This automator script I have not tried yet. Will try and report back.
  6. i did this. created a folder "Evernote Auto-Import" in my Documents folder. Enabled folder actions. Created the script that is also stored in Documents/scripts folder (stores as scpt). And then did the attach script as advised. Attached is an image to show what I did. But nothing happens after I put files in this folder. No fail, no success! What am I doing wrong? Image attachment below.
  7. i have an HP 6200 scanner. any idea how to get image capture to recognize that? i have a more more basic problem i guess!
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