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  1. Yes, I did noticed that EN3 is slower than EN2. What made me move all my notes from other programs to EN2 was the speed, unlike any other program I tested. EN3 seems to have dropped the ball a bit since the interface is slower.
  2. Another feature that was present on EN2 and axed from EN3. I don't understand why existing features of EN2 weren't kept and new ones added for EN3. It would be best to just release EN3 as a new product instead of an "evolution".
  3. Big mistake, IMHO. Tags are for taxonomy, not organization. Organization with tags resembles spaghetti. Folders are absolute and cleaner. Anyway, I'm another "I'd go premium, if EN had folders" vote. I'm ready to throw money at you guys if you fix this usability issue. +1 for folders. I'm used to EN2. Why on earth do I have to learn a new "concept" (and yes, importing my notes from EN2 into EN3 does look like spaghetti - don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of pasta but only when I can eat them).
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