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  1. Evernote team: I am back again at the offline-viewing issue, with a (arguably) fast-to-implement fix while we wait for actual online/offline mobile clients: RSS. We already have a feed for each public notebook. I don't love the idea of sharing every notebook so I get every feed. Besides, they are indexed by robots. I want my notes to remain private unless I specifically want to share them. Anyway, I am sharing one and testing the results. If you could implement a (authenticated) feed available for every notebook, it might yield interesting results. Better yet, a tiny RSS API. You already seem to have something for the public notebooks: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/pub/11 ... =2&search= For the URL I guess there is already: * notebook * max * sort * search, which BTW seems to support search=tag:TAG_NAME (well, tag%3ATAG_NAME) So, i if you could: * make "notebook" optional, so you could have a feed from "any notebook" if the parm is missing. * maybe an option to exclude images/attachments/audio, to get lighter downloads Something like: http://www.evernote.com/rss/INSERT_USER ... nts=0_OR_1 IMAP is impossible to navigate with my 1000+ notes (and 50+ tags) on my HTC Excalibur. Some carefully crafted feeds and a decent feed reader could do an acceptable (though read-only) alternative in the meanwhile. I use mDigger for my feed reading, and Yomomedia is nice, too, and both could make for better (Ever)note readers than Pocket Outlook or QMail. Think about it: we the people get off your backs for a while with the offline issue, and IMHO the development of such a thing should not be THAT time-consuming. Besides, almost every web app out there seems to include RSS: RTM, Google , Yahoo , Flickr, Hiveminder, you name it. Of course you already provide an RSS feed, but I had to jump through some hoops to find it, and it only works for public notes.
  2. Drew: I'm not sure I follow you on the revenue model part. To me, it would be the same as with the desktop client: you can always use a native client (phone or PC/Mac) and never ever sync. This way you would have a great, free BUT unconnected app and you would be losing what any hardcore note-taker sooner or later finds out: you WANT to sync. Eventually, I guess Evernote hopes you find out: 1. You need to sync (not because of the app, but because it's so practical) 2. You need more bandwidth per month (not because of the app, but because you use it THAT much) <- revenue starts here 3. You need to sync your attached files (because it makes so much sense) <- ...or here... and so on, for each Premium feature. But it all started with a killer app you got for free. Desktop is killer, web (though I don't use it that much) seems pretty cool too. Only mobile clients are substandard (ouch!) right now among the family. I don't really see why would Evernote want us connected all the time with our phones. I mean, they are not carriers who would benefit from the data-transfer fee, and many phones are WiFi enabled anyway. The comments that they have answered on the forum are more in the sense of "building each client takes a lot of work and we are too few to do it fast", which makes some sense, if you think about it. (Maybe the recent funding will help with that). But maybe I am missing something you are seeing... BTW: I also want note linking!
  3. Cloo: you are right. Not happy with not having offline note access of previous (synced) notes, now we can't even see the unsynced notes. The other day I had to resort to something else to have a note available offline, and later at home, still capture it in EN Mobile so it synced via WiFi. Good they solved the "cannot use anything unless you are connected" issue of the former release, but why this new "feature"? If I can play a little devil's advocate here, Cloo: do not leave. Maybe you can find an older version and go back to it. I'm sure they will fix this soon, as they've done in the past. I depend on the full system (desktop, wm, sometimes web) so I'm staying. The desktop client keeps getting better and better, and there is also evolution on the WM side.
  4. Tulsa40: You couldn't wait more than 2 days, could you? I mean, the Pre is not out there yet. Happy and hopeful as I am to see Palm back in the scene, things can still go wrong (nooo!). And I think Evernote (or any other non-gigantic software house) will take careful and conservative steps in the begining, until the dust settles. Implementing on a brand new platform is no simple endeavor. Anyway, I must say: Evernote: consider my +1 on the subject. I am an exiliate from the Palm world into the Windows Mobile parallel universe. Not bad, I'm not bashing MS for this. And I love my HTC Excalibur. WM 6.1 is definitely a better WM. But should Palm do it right, I wanna be there, and my guess is EN will, too. Once you get there, EN guys, and since you would be starting a new codebase, remember the most frequent requests for the other mobile platforms: OFFLINE EVERYTHING (read, write), tags, simple/fast/lightweight app for quick note taking, encryption/decryption... You know them well. Evernote could arrive early to the Pre party and become a killer app for the platform. Pre-envy, anyone?
  5. Thanks Dave! I've been wanting to dive into the API. Maybe these holidays... I'll peek into the OCR results, thanks for letting me know what to expect in terms of this XML-inside-XML encoding. I'll also try to feed the raw image data somewhere else and see what happens.
  6. Calling all developers. Now we have an API at our disposal, right? This opens the door for many interesting ideas. How about trying to develop an un-official offline client for smartphones? I was thinking to create an app that would export an html version of my notes, so I can carry them in my phone, with indexes by both notebooks and tags. Not too hard... or too powerful. No encryption, and it's read-only. But it's something. I just thought of another starting point. Have you heard about Upvise? They were called Unyverse before. Another web2.0 startup. But they have something quite interesting: a app-development platform. Check here: http://www.upvise.com/developer/default.aspx. It sounds like an interesting way to try and develop a decent looking app without doing it from the ground-up. And it's multi-platform. "Write once, run everywhere" Where have I heard this before? (BTW: I do not represent, belong, endorse or whatever Upvise. I just think their platform is cool) (And yes: I noticed Upvise handles "notes", but they aren't nearly as powerful as Evernote; no tags, no encryption, and no PC client, for starters.) Just an idea I'll look into later. But then again, someone might have more time / clue / drive to analyze this path further and tell us if I'm completely off-topic here, or if this could actually happen.
  7. We want offline access. I am not repeating myself, so here it is: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=7888#p30197
  8. I will add myself to the thread of each message I find in this sense: I want offline viewing/editing on the WM client. Right now it's a pretty decent tool to capture text/pics/audio and eventually upload it. But that's it! All the other clients are EXCELLENT. Before them, the WM version is subpar. And I don't think that's what you want for EN. If I had to boil it down to the minimum requirements, I would say: [*:38kq6vjr]Off-line storage of the notes in the phone. Maybe being able to include/exclude certaing note types and/or notebooks, in order to save space (I would leave my photo/audio heavy notebooks off my phone, for example). And being able to use either phone memory or storage card. [*:38kq6vjr]Encryption, of course [*:38kq6vjr]Tags, of course. [*:38kq6vjr]Rich formatting is NOT a must in this context. I could do without it if I could "read" a formatted, HTML version of the note (or even a plain text one), and edit only plain text, even if I lost the original formatting when editing. Even if could do HTML source code editing, perhaps. One minor sin I find in the current implementation: I cannot use TABS when capturing text. Odd, but true. Us, indentation-freaks (Python coder, if you were wondering) rely on tabs so much...
  9. For the "clue" vs "due" explanation I can see the point: this is no "general purpose" OCR, but a rather fuzzy/smart take on the subject. Good! It fits Evernote's purpose quite right. This is one of those "I wish I had thought about that myself" moments... STILL, let me insist. Sometimes I take a picture of a magazine or something to quickly get the text (big typeface sections, not full articles on small type), and I could be perfectly happy if Evernote gave me a quick "export to text" of the pic, even if the "best bet" still needed some retouch. Even if I got a "the results from this operation might not be what you expect" disclaimer before going on. I can guess an answer: "users will get frustrated and curse us for the 'lousy' results, because our OCR is for something else". But I promise I won't curse you Let me go a little too far. Now that there's an API, I see a new way to let users do stuff to empower Evernote: [*:26p2gfkj]Add a "tools" option to the menu (Win/Mac clients) [*:26p2gfkj]Let each "tool" be an external program [*:26p2gfkj]Define some standard parameters to communicate with these external programs, for example: [*:26p2gfkj] to send the full XML of the note as a string [*:26p2gfkj] to send the path of a temporary XML file with the note [*:26p2gfkj] and same, but for the text only [*:26p2gfkj] and you get the idea [*:26p2gfkj] etc to send ALL the selected notes as a single file/string [*:26p2gfkj] do something accordingly for the output (STDOUT into new note, PATH into new note...) [*:26p2gfkj] Repeat for the web, where instead of an external program you would get a URI for a SOAP/REST service. That was far-fetched, isn't it? Well, in this way I could add a command-line OCR command to do exactly what I want, and you could finally answer everyone about this other choice to let people do their OCR any way they wanted. Just thinking... and wishing.
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