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  1. Copying Shareable Link from notes that have been previously shared gives ' Note not found' error message in browser. Creating new notes and sharing public links works fine. Stopping the Share and re-enabling appears to be the only way to get it to work again. Using the online version of Evernote, the old shares still work.
  2. Great redesign apart from the following problem. Clicking on a previous note to edit ( that has some text formatting) results in the keyboard appearing and the text flying upwards off the screen. So you can't see where you're typing. Tried this on both the iPad and iPhone - same problem. Seems to be ok for unformatted text.
  3. Looks fantastic, love the design. But clicking on Recent notes causes it to crash. Submitted error report.
  4. I'm trying to get Evernote Windows desktop v3 to work under Wine on an Eee pc (Xandros). I've installed it ok, but when I try to sign in, I get 'Can't connect to server'. If I click on 'New account' it does open firefox and load the page - so it can connect to the internet. Does anyone have any ideas ? I realise Evernote isn't supported through Wine but if anyone has managed to get the desktop working on an Eee pc I would be grateful for any advice. Cheers
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