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  1. Hi all, I have seen the question "How can I clip a PDF file to evernote" raised in the forum already several times, but so far, there has not been a satisfying answer, but only astonishingly clumsy workarounds. (for example: http://discussion.ev...on-pdf-windows/ http://discussion.ev...m-web-answered/ http://discussion.ev...document-to-en/ ) Neither saving the pdf as a temporary file and then dragging&dropping it to evernote nor saving it to some import-directory & then importing it seems accebtable to me, because in both cases, you will lose the original source path information which is a real deal-breaker. Let's summarize it: 1.) Save pdf to a temporary file 2.) Start file explorer, Locate the temporary-folder and drag file to evernote [which means locating the evernote window (which might be buried behind the newly opened file explorer or the internet explorer showing the pdf) first] 3.) Switch back to internet explorer (find its window, which by now might be buried by evernote or the file explorer) 4.) Mark the url in the adress bar, Ctrl-C 5.) Switch back to evernote (which might be buried by the internet explorer again) 6.) Allocate the new note, locate the source-path-control. 7.) Ctrl-V Why not instead offer one of those smart 1-click-solutions evernote is famous for? Just a nice Option "Save Link (to pdf) to evernote" in the context menu and all is done? Does not sound like too much effort to implement? Is it?
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